Suriname: inclusive working environment

Kentalis International Foundation works towards an inclusive society. Our projects mostly relate to high-quality deaf education and care. However, for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to fully participate in society, it is equally as important to create an inclusive workplace that caters to their communication needs. 

State company Staatsolie Suriname approached Kentalis International Foundation with a coaching request for one of their deaf company employees, working in its IT department. To make sure that he reaches his full potential in the workplace, the company, as well as the employee, expressed their wish to improve his written communication skills, mathematical competencies, and business vocabulary. 

Project: employee coaching

For this 6-month coaching trajectory, we put together an expert duo, consisting of a hearing and a deaf expert. The Kentalis experts made significant progress with the employee, including improving his sign language skills to become more work-oriented. Furthermore, the IT assistant acquired more insight into the professional role of an employee, an employer, and working processes such as an assessment cycle and security policies.  

Project facts:

  • Timing: 2021 – 2022 (completed)
  • Location: online
  • Funded by: Staatsolie Suriname