Uganda: master trainers Reading Method

We have been working towards enhancing early literacy for deaf and hard-of-hearing learners in Uganda. Over the years, we have trained several local coaches and published a toolkit for primary school teachers in Uganda. To ensure that this toolkit is accessible to as many educators as possible, Kentalis International Foundation has partnered with the national curriculum authority in Uganda to train more master trainers.

Project: Final roll-out of the reading method

Our goal is to provide better support for deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Uganda by training more educators and professionals in literacy development. We rely on the Kentalis 'Reading Method for Early Literacy' teaching approach, which has been adapted for use in Uganda and is available as a hard copy manual. Furthermore, this method has been approved as part of Uganda's teacher training program. To expand the use of this method in the curriculum, it is crucial to have enough master trainers capable of teaching it.

Director female presenting book Uganda

Using our blended learning 

In this project, we will make use of our blended learning course on the reading method. Initially, a team of 10 reading coaches, who had previously received training on this subject before the Covid-19 pandemic, will update their knowledge by completing online modules and additional training. Along with two Kentalis experts, they will instruct 25 in-service teachers from several Deaf schools located in various regions of Uganda.

With this initiative, we strive to create a long-lasting impact by providing essential teacher tools for early literacy development in deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Our efforts aim to benefit current and future generations of teachers.

Project facts:

  • Timing: July 2023 – December 2023 (completed)
  • Location: Netherlands (online) and Kampala, Uganda
  • Funded by: Stichting Vrienden van Effatha
  • Partner: National Curriculum Development Centre, Uganda