Achievements of 2023: mobile-friendly courses and project round-up in Aruba

Graduation group course Uganda

As we approach the end of the year, Kentalis International Foundation is taking a moment to reflect on our accomplishments in 2023. Our primary objective was to enhance our e-learning platform, and we are thrilled to report that we have added a few new courses and made significant technical advancements. Additionally, we have completed several projects this year, which we are proud of.

Mobile-friendly and offline courses

We focused on developing mobile-compatible online courses as smartphones are the primary communication device in the Global South. In the spring of 2023, we tested the modules with a group, and they were pleased with the mobile use of the courses. Our lightweight modules can also be downloaded by the user, which means that slow internet connectivity on the participant's end will no longer be a barrier to completing a course.

Two new courses were added to our e-learning platform. The first one is a beginner's course about deafness and hearing loss, while the second one is an improved teacher's course ‘Reading Method for Early Literacy’ on teaching reading to deaf children. The second course also has a blended approach, which means that online modules are supplemented by on-location skill training. The first participant's experience with this blended training in Uganda was very positive!

Project completion in Aruba and East Africa

In the year 2023, some of our project collaborations came to a close. One of the projects we implemented was with the Aruban Foundation for the Hearing Impaired (FEPOH) on the island of Aruba. In the second and final project phase, we organized a learning visit to the Netherlands and an on-the-job coaching visit in Aruba. We also concluded projects in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Participants Aruba in training

Looking ahead to 2024

We are planning to expand our online and blended courses by offering training on basic and advanced audiology topics. Additionally, we are looking forward to initiating new project collaborations in West Africa. If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can find more information here.