Frisian and Swahili added as languages to the Speakaboo app

Image of people testing the Swahili version of the Speakaboo app

Speakaboo is a free speech development tool used for screening in multilingual children by a non-native speaker. It is an interactive app which can be used on Android or iOS tablets.

We are proud to announce that we now have added two other languages to this app.

  1. Frisian, a local language spoken in the North of the Netherlands
  2. Swahili, the Lingua Franca of East Africa

More information about this app, instruction videos, manuals and score forms can be found on our website.

Later this month we will introduce a smartphone version of this app.

We thank the international team of speech therapists and linguists from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania who helped us with the development and testing of the Swahili version.