Speakaboo: test the speech development

Speakaboo is a free tool to screen the speech development in multilingual children. It helps speech therapists to test the speech development in the native language. 

What is Speakaboo?

With Speakaboo, a speech therapist (with help from a native speaker) can screen the speech development in multilingual children (3-6 years). Through games, the native speaker elicits words in the native language, under the guidance of a speech therapist. The Speakaboo-app records the sounds, so the speech therapist can play back the recording word by word to compare and score. The speech therapist can also use the app to let parents here the child’s speech in the native language. This makes it easier to explain the diagnosis. Speakaboo is available in various languages.

How to use Speakaboo?

A Speakaboo test always takes around ten minutes. It’s ideal for young children who often don’t have the concentration for a longer test. Cheerful pop-ups distract the children and helps them to name pictures. For more information, read the user manual or watch the video.

Speakaboo is more than just an app. Among other things, it provides information about the phonological system of the language and the phonological development in those languages. And, if available, information about how children take the tests in that specific language. You can find user manuals, score forms and pronunciation videos in the language overview.

Download the Speakaboo app

This app helps speech therapists to test the speech development of multilingual children. Download the app for iOS mobile and iOS tablet, or for Android mobile and Android tablet

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