Introduction to Deafness and Hearing Loss

The Deafness and Hearing Loss introductory course is designed to provide a better understanding of deafness and hearing loss to those interested.

It was created for professionals in the Global South who have limited access to a reliable internet connection.

What will you learn in this course?

Enroll in this online course to gain knowledge about fundamental aspects of sound, explore the medical reasons and consequences of hearing impairment, distinguish between deaf and Deaf, and delve into the rich history of Deaf culture.

Classroom conversation sign language

Who is it suitable for?

We provide this course to organizations and institutions in the Global South for teachers, social workers, medical staff, and audiology students.

What type of course is this?

This e-learning course is self-paced and accessible through our e-learning platform. It comprises of theory lessons, assignments, and a test. The main objective is to grasp the fundamentals, making it an ideal introductory module for individuals working with deaf or hard-of-hearing children or adults. Additionally, this course can be combined with our other courses.

Practical information

  • Duration: it takes 1,5 hours to complete.
  • Technical details: our learning platform can be accessed on any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and can be used with many web browsers. 
  • Offline usage: each module is available for download and can therefore be used offline. 
  • Certificate: you will receive an online certificate after passing the course. 

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Request this course

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