Looking for useful resources or documentation on diagnostics, care, and education for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing? Kentalis has developed various materials over the years. 

App Speakaboo 

Speakaboo is a free app for smartphones and tablets to screen speech development in multilingual children. It is developed by Royal Kentalis and supports various languages. Download the app in the App Store or Play Store, or read more here

Kentalis Speakaboo app speech development

Teacher’s resource manuals

Kentalis International Foundation has published manuals for teachers in primary education on how to teach deaf and hard-of-hearing learners language and reading skills. The toolkits are developed for Uganda and Tanzania (in Swahili) and are rooted in evidence from research and best practices in schools. Contact us for more information. Additionally, Kentalis also published a training manual for Zambia funded by the USAID Let’s Read project.

Documentary deaf role models in Africa

Kentalis International Foundation produced a documentary called ‘Deaf Role Models in Africa: Kenya’, in collaboration with producer Alexander Valeton and the Kenya National Association for the Deaf. The aim is to increase teachers’ and parents’ awareness of the capacities of deaf children and their ability to develop themselves, as long as people around them have confidence in them. View the trailer below or watch the full documentary

Language before literacy

Together with eKitabu and Deaf Child Worldwide Kentalis International Foundation launched a knowledge platform called Language before literacy. This website focuses on sharing information and resources on supporting language acquisition and communication-first approaches for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. 


Kentalis created an informational poster to help with recognizing the signals of hearing impairment in children. Download the free poster in English, Arabic, or Turkish

Books by Kentalis and Oxford University Press

  • Teaching Deaf Learners, 2014. Written by the organizers of the Kentalis Teaching Deaf Learners (TDL) 2014 Conference. It explores how deaf students learn and the conditions that support reaching their full cognitive potential — or not.
  • Educating Deaf Learners, 2015. With chapters based on the talks at TDL 2014 Conference. 
  • Evidence-Based Practices in Deaf Education, 2018. With chapters based on the talks at the TDL 2017 Conference.
  • Deaf Education Beyond the Western World, 2019. One of the themes at the TDL 2019 Conference, providing a perspective on deaf education in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.