A. (Andrea) Hubbers

Andrea Hubbers
Speech and language therapist and BA (sign) linguist

I am a speech and language therapist and BA linguist specialised in sign languages. I have a lot of experience in working with children and adults who are hearing impaired or have communication or language impairments as well as a cognitive or learning impairment. I work mostly with their parents and other people in their social network to optimize their communication skills and always from a Total Communication or Alternative and Augmentative Communication point of view.

I give a great deal of lectures and workshops on communication and language developmental issues, TC/AAC and sign classes. I have developed a training for people on a bachelor degree level, who want to be able to give classes on signing according to the Weerklankmethod and an instructional DVD that shows how to use signs and sign language in the communication with people with different levels and possibilities. I have shared my experiences not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Language development and pathology, auditory development and pathology, sign languages, cognitive impairments, Total Communication / Alternative and Augmentative Communication.


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