Kentalis International Foundation is a legally independent entity that is registered as a foundation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. However, it operates within the governing structure of its parent organization, Royal Kentalis.

The structure of the Royal Kentalis organization consists of two tiers of governance: a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board.

Board of Directors

The Kentalis organization's day-to-day governance is overseen by its Board of Directors. The Board ensures that Kentalis' course, mission, and ambition remain aligned with changes in society, political developments, and financial trends. The Board holds ultimate responsibility for the quality and safety of Kentalis' care and education services. The Board of Directors comprises two members: acting chairman Remmelt Vetkamp and Femke Kothuis. Oscar Dekker (chairman) is currently absent.  

Supervisory Board

The role of the Supervisory Board is to oversee the functioning of the Board of Directors, including the policies implemented and the overall state of affairs. They also serve as a source of advice for the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board follows the Dutch Zorgbrede Governance Code (Care Governance Code) to ensure proper governance. The Kentalis Supervisory Board consists of five members:

  • Jos Aartsen (chairman)
  • Marc van den Berg (chair audit committee)
  • Kitty Oirbons (chair committee quality and safety)
  • Marianne Straks (member committee quality and safety)
  • Tamara Kroll (member audit committee)

Governance Kentalis International Foundation

The day-to-day business of Kentalis International Foundation is overseen by the program manager who reports to the director of the department Kentalis Academy. As such, our team is an integral part of Kentalis Academy.