Mission and vision

Kentalis International Foundation supports the mission of Royal Kentalis by involving its professionals in international exchange, sharing their expertise, and promoting an environment that enables fair and high-quality education and care for everyone.

Kentalis is a Dutch organization that offers specialized assistance to children in the Netherlands who have challenges with hearing and communication. This support is provided in both specialized and inclusive educational environments. Kentalis International Foundation shares this knowledge, experience, and skills with international partners, NGOs, universities, governments, and local organizations in our partner countries.

Kentalis International Foundation operates on a non-profit basis, delivering innovative knowledge products.

Our commitments:

  • We strive for equitable inclusive quality education for all.
  • We work in a holistic way, uniting diagnostics, early intervention, language and reading development, and innovative teaching. 
  • We work rights-based: nothing about us without us.
  • We share knowledge through the train-the-trainer principle.
  • We diversify our interventions, impacting the learning, social and physical environment of the learner.

Read here our full vision and mission document.

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