The UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with a Disability (UNCRPD) is a guiding principle in the work of Kentalis International Foundation. We focus on the rights of children and young adults to education, the best suitable language environment, and trained teachers.

Another framework that serves as a compass for our work are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In particular SDG 4: the right to inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

What we do

  • By sharing our expertise, we are contributing to the implementation of these rights, in close cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • Via our membership in the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD) we help build a foundation of understanding, awareness, acceptance, equity, and support in the field of hearing and communication.
  • We share our international knowledge of a rights-based approach with our mother organization Royal Kentalis.
Sustainable Development Goals