Dr. H.W. (Erwin) Baas

Erwin Baas
Clinical physicist Audiologist

In September 2000, I started working in the field of clinical audiology, after a 4 year Ph.D. program at the University of Delft in radiation physics and chemistry.

In my work as audiologist, I try to combine clinical work with counseling and participating in research and development, although my R&D work in audiology has been limited since my appointment is on clinical audiology.

I’m experienced in clinical audiology, counseling, teaching and presenting clinical and scientific work in both national and international environment.

Kentalis International projects in:


  • Logopedie en Foniatrie 11 (2003) 358-362 "Luister Vaardiger! Trainingssoftware voor auditieve verwerkingsproblemen."
  • Tijdschrift voor Remedial Teaching, Jrg. 15 (september 2007) Nr. 4 “Kinderen met auditieve verwerkingsproblemen (AVP)”
  • Journal of Hearing Science (2011) 1(3): EA 52 - 53 “Educational audiology: methodology for auditory processing disorders”