J.I.M. (Jacqueline) Veldhoven-van der Harten

Women smiling speech therapist Kentalis
Speech and language therapist.

"AJONGH" training and train-the-trainer version (translation AJONGH: If Your Ears Don't Hear Well), audiometry, hearing rehabilitation for adults/children with CI, and children with a developmental language disorder.

From 1989-2000 I worked at (the former) Institute for the Deaf with Deaf children and adults. I was part of the Audiological Centre and the CI team. From 2000 onwards I started working at a Cluster 2 school (Kentalis de TaalSter Nijmegen) as an in-house expert in deaf and hard-of-hearing/audiometry. From 2014 to 2016 I participated in the re-development of the AJONGH training in collaboration with the Kentalis Academy. In 2022 and 2023 I supported updating the AJONGH training as well as providing the training itself to children and the train-the-trainer version. Furthermore, outside of work I coach a befriended speech therapist in Kenya on my own time.