Annual report

Curious about our international activities of 2018? Take a look at this visual to get more insights.

Stan Munroe

We lost our beloved friend Stan Munroe, Executive Director of the Canadian Deafblind Association and Information Officer for Deafblind International (DbI) on behalf of CDBA.

New Book Publication

Edited by Harry Knoors and Maria Brons (Royal Dutch Kentalis) and Marc Marschark (National Technical Institute for the Deaf)


In the context of the European exchange project: Together in Charge, educational staff members of Koninklijke Kentalis visits the German organization stiftung st. franziskus heiligenbronn.

Sign language clubs in secondary schools

This week we started a two day kickoff meeting with partners AMUCTA and OSNET in Tabora Tanzania. In 20 inclusive secondary schools sign language clubs will be set up to improve the interaction between hearing and deaf students.

Adapting of Parent Awareness Program to the Lebanese context

Professionals from the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Lebanon, will be trained by Kentalis experts in the method Parental Awareness Program. This enables the staff of FAID to support the Syrian parents of deaf and hard of hearing children in the refugee camps.

Emmie Wienhoven

Reading Coaches not only know the theory and methods for teaching reading to Deaf learners, they are also equipped with the skills to train and coach teachers. Project manager Emmie Wienhoven writes in her blog about her experiences as project manager of the reading project. 

Donation CEO Henk Bakkker

At his farewell reception, former CEO Henk Bakker, asked instead of gifts a donation for reading books for deaf children in Tanzania.

Seasonal greetings

We hope to see you in 2019 at … the 3rd International Conference on Teaching Deaf Learners in Haarlem!

Blog Emmie Wienhoven

"Imagine a training" is the titel of the first blog from Kentalis project manager Emmie Wienhoven, who highlights the prerequisites and supporting strategies within the Reading project that are pivotal to it’s success.

Certificates Burkina Faso

Kentalis International’s abstract with the title: Mission Accomplished?! Tailor Made Training In Burkina Faso submitted  to the 17th Deafblind International World Conference to be held 12 – 16 August 2019 Australia is approved!  The theme of the conference is : Sharing the knowledge to ACT: Accessibility. Communication. Technology. "Now is your time to ACT!".

Henk Bakker benoemd tot Officier

The CEO of Royal Dutch Kentalis, Mr Henk Bakker, gave his farewell after working for the organization for seventeen years. On this occasion, Kentalis organized a symposium, where latest research findings on deaf education, language and cognition were shared.