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'Together we make the best out of it'

Children of the communication plus group in Breda cannot come to the treatment group due to the corona measures. Pedagogical practitioner Matté Schroder explains how he and his colleagues are now helping the children and parents. “We do this, for example, with an online group discussion, videos and exercises for at home and with speech therapy via video calling.


Corona (Covid-19)

Like all organisations, Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a significant impact on our work. As an education and care organization, protecting students, clients, residents and staff is our first priority. We therefore closely follow the guidelines of our government.

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Tactile Working Memory Scale

Working memory, or the ability to keep something in mind for a limited amount of time is a central function in cognition. For persons with congenital deafblindness we need a bodily-tactile perspective on working memory.

Looking back at teaching deaf learners conference 2019

Looking back at teaching deaf learners conference 2019

Kentalis looks back on a very successful 3rd edition of Teaching Deaf Learners (TDL) conference. This is apparent from the many positive responses about the presentations and organization of this international congress. TDL attracted around 250 participants from more than 30 different countries. The speakers also came from various corners of the world.

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Professor Marc Marschark rewarded for his exceptional contribution to deaf education

Marc Marschark, professor at The National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the United States, Rochester, is rewarded today with the Kentalis Medal. Professor Marschark received the Kentalis medal as a token of appreciation for his great achievements for one of the main target groups of Kentalis: people who are deaf or hard of hearing.