Financial information

Kentalis International Foundation (KIF) has a tax-exemption status as a non-governmental organization, the so-called ANBI in Dutch.

Stichting Kentalis International Foundation

Fiscal number: 821792477
Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 01171392
Publication ANBI 2022 (in Dutch)

Contact details
Van Vollenhovenlaan 659-661
3527 JP Utrecht
The Netherlands

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Organizational information 2024

Number of staff team KIF: 6
Number of fte team KIF: 4,55
Number of experts for international exchange: 30
Number of KIF projects: 5

Remuneration policy

Members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of Royal Kentalis receive compensation for actual costs incurred. Employees of Royal Kentalis, including Kentalis International Foundation, receive a salary in accordance with the CAO Gehandicaptenzorg.